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Do not continue making minimum only monthly payments on never ending unpayable high interest credit card debt.
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Is your debt increasing rapidly each day due to creditors insane fees?
Stop what your doing because if you're a person who wants to pay back what is owed and do so at substantially reduced debt amounts (10% > or Less) and in a manner that's comfortable and convenient for you, then our Debt Cancellation Plan is ideal for you.
Zap Debts will discuss the details of your situation and have a deeper look at your credit cards, available resources and advise you on your best course of action.


Why Choose Zap Debts?

Immediately Eliminates Monthly Payments – Zap Debt's and our team will work to quickly REDUCE DEBT to ZERO without long term negatives destroying your credit, all with NO MONTHLY CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS.

Quick Response – We are usually able to provide an appointment quickly and respond to your immediate needs.

Wipes Out Credit Card Debt in as little as 6-12 Months – With our managed debt elimination plan, you will be able to dissolve your credit card debts fast leaving you wondering what your going to do with all your monthly savings. With no more monthly credit card payments our program gives you instant debt relief instead of sinking you deeper.  NO LONG TERM PAYMENT PLANS!

Work and satisfaction guaranteed – We are proud of our work and stand by it 100%. If you find that this is not the FASTEST MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD OF DEBT RELIEF ON THE PLANET; than we guarantee we will instantly rescind/rewind any arrangement between us no questions asked.

24 hour creditor correspondence - Our friendly customer support team is always here to help and can be reach 24 hours a day. We are always ready for your questions and make available to you our expert staff with 12+ years in business and FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE in canceling not only their own debts, BUT thousands of other peoples using this exact same system.

Stop collections mail and unwanted phone calls - As a valued client we will manage your credit card communication so that you can peacefully forget your debt troubles while knowing your in full control over your financials. We correspond to all collection mail while eliminating unwanted phone calls made to you by rude bill collectors so that you can sleep like a baby.

By now you're probably asking yourself, what is the first step? Call us. We will give you a free forensic debt analysis to see if your case qualifies. Often te easiest way of moving forward is through obtaining a copy of your credit report from



Stop Throwing $$$ Money Away!

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Common Questions & Answers

How much does it cost? - The program typically costs about 1/3 of your total minimum monthly required credit card or creditor payment and usually does not exceed a 12 month term. Which means you immediately start saving huge amounts of money. (Situations may vary)

How long does the debt cancellation process take? You will see results and get financial relief immediately in 10 days or less with significant results of reduced debt amounts of 90% or more within 12 months.

How is this different then debt settlement? You reduce debt 3-5 years faster without a long drawn out creditor settlement payment arrangement plan. Basically this is NOT a savings plan to baby sit you or your money.

To answer more of your questions please call.