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“Zap Debt’s Debt Cancellation team was able to help me dissolve each of the credit card debts eliminating my monthly payment obligations and make everything manageable. Thank you!”
– Mike B.

“Finally I feel on track with my finances and have restored my credit standing!”
– Sally R.

“Zap Debts’ was incredibly helpful with our credit history repair, and our scores are already improving!”
– Jake L.

“Please believe me, you do not know how much you have helped me already. I will continue to tell others about Zap Debts. Thank you.” …Matthew W.

“Without your system I would have been another casualty of the banking system….” Christian K.

“I wish I had known about your debt cancellation system and how to dissolve debts years ago….” Marilyn E.

“Settled my collection case. Without your system I would never have gotten to 1st base….” Ronald M.

“Another victory! They backed off as soon as they received my demands! You are a prayer answered from the Lord!” Rodney S.

“I’ve been fighting off 3 collection agencies. I am absolutely ecstatic about my victories after sending them the debt dispute letters. Prior to purchasing your fine program, I was just one of the ignorant societal herd these banks prey upon. Your wonderful, user-friendly program is the absolute best money I have spent in a long time. My wife overheard the creditor’s attorney saying, “Don’t mess with that guy!” Wow!” Charles C.

“You are completely brilliant. I have never seen/read anything like this. I am eager to get this information out to help others like me. Thank you!” Carol P.

“I have had so many attorneys take my money and leave me without representation. NEVER AGAIN! My family and I appreciate all you do. God bless you for helping me understand how to avoid bankruptcy consequences….” Craig N.

“The knowledge I gained from your program has greatly empowered me. I am thankful to you!” Paul S.

I have the bill collectors right where they belong. I am SO indebted to you! … Graig S.

Oh and, if those aren’t enough, we have over 2000 more, I’d be glade to send you =)

Yes, our customers LOVE our service!